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Afro-Arab Cooperation


The Afro-Arab cooperation is considered as one of the oldest regional cooperation initiatives, as it far exceeds a simple geographical relationship to cover deeper aspects of economic, cultural and human ties. This cooperation has been established through the course of long centuries of social mobility and cultural interaction between Arab and African worlds.

This has culminated in launching formal and institutional relationship between Africa and the Arab world since the beginning of the seventieth, especially after the first Africa-Arab summit, convened in March 1977 in Cairo. The summit witnessed the establishment of several institutions for cooperation in various fields. During the past four decades, strong efforts have been made to boost Afro-Arab cooperation in the economic, financial and cultural areas. The Arab bilateral and multilateral aid institutions, including the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA), extend economic, financial and technical support to the African countries.

The second Afro-Arab summit held in Libya in 2010, has buttressed the urgent need to intensify efforts to adopt a strategy for Arab-African partnership that tackles the challenges of globalization. A "Strategic Partnership Document" and a joint “Action plan for the African-Arab cooperation for 2011-2016”, were then approved.

Afro-Arab Cooperation – Duties & Responsibilities

Afro-Arab Summit
Afro-Arab Conference of Ministers
Permanent Commission for Afro-Arab Cooperation
Coordination Committee for Afro-Arab Cooperation
The Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa
The Arab Fund for Technical Assistance for African Countries
Afro-Arab Trade Fair
Afro-Arab Institute for Culture and Strategic Studies
General Consultative Meeting between the African Union and the League of Arab states
Joint Afro-Arab Ministerial conference on Agricultural Development and Food Security
Facilitation Unit of the implementation of the Joint Action Plan (JAP) of Afro-Arab Cooperation in the field of Agricultural Development and Food Security.


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