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About Library


About Library:

BADEA Library Unit:

BLU mission is to make its resources available and useful to Badea staff. Its collection includes books, journals, reports, Organizations reports, and electronic commercial databases. It brings the collection to its users by offering reference and research assistance, current awareness, document delivery, acquisition of information from electronic databases.

BLU focuses on the organization's priority themes concerning Sub - Saharan Africa, which include African Development, Economic Development, Rural Development, Social Development and Gender, Finance, International Trade, International Law, Management, Human Resources Management, Project Management, and other relevant subjects such as, Agriculture, Environment, Health, Transport and Water.

The right to use the BLU facilities is available for all Badea employees, focusing on its experts, because they are the group concerned to provide information in their respective operational fields. BLU also provides information services to sister organizations in the region and internationally. For external researchers, information may be communicated via e-mail after filling out the Information Request Form.

Hours of Operation:

BLU opens for staff between 8.00 am, and 3.00 pm. It also works during holidays when needed.


Queries or comments for BLU may be sent to the following e-mail address: