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BADEA Researches Advertisement
BADEA Researches Advertisement

Arab Bank Program for Research in Area of Development:

The Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) invites specialized Research Institutes, Centers and Academic Institutions –public and private- in Africa and the Arab world to cooperate in the implementation of this program by conducting research on the specified topics listed under this program, and in accordance with the conditions described hereunder.

The objectives of the Research Program:

1. Encourage Researchers to foster and enhance Arab-African cooperation on economic development, and to access and exchange research findings about the Afro-Arab cooperation in the area of development.
2. Develop new initiatives and ways and means of strenthening Arab cooperation in the area of development.
3. Support sound economic policies of African states beneficiaries from BADEA operations.
4. Promote scientific research in the area of development in the Arab and African regions.
5. Highlight the Arab role in the economic and social development of the African countries.
6. Sensitize about the importance of Arab-african cooperation in economic development.

Invitation For cooperation :

The Arab Bank for Economic Development In Africa invites specialist Institutions, Centers and Academic researchers (public and private) in the Arab and Sub –Sahara African countries to cooperate in implementation this program through research in economic development and enhance Afro-Arab cooperation, according to the conditions of the program and research themes described in this announcement.

BADEA’s Program of Researches