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Board of Directors
Board of Directors

About the BOARD of Directors and Authorities

The Board of Directors of the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) is composed of 11 members and has the authorities necessary for management of the Bank except those vested in the Board of Governors these include the following:-

Making of the Bank’s general policies and follow-up of their implementation in line with the Establishing Agreement and the directives of the Board of Governors;
Setting rules and regulations and taking the measures necessary for the management of the Bank on the basis of economy in running expenses and operational efficiency;
Determining the Bank's programmes of operations and approval of loans and grants;
Making decisions concerning borrowing and issuing of bonds;
Preparing for the meetings of the Board of Governors;
Establishing agencies, branches and offices for the Bank as the may be necessitated operationally.

Meetings of the Board of Directors in Khartoum

The nine members holding the largest number of share shall be permanent members of the Board; countries fulfilling this criteria at present are: the United Arab Emirates, the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Republic of Iraq, Sultanate of Oman, State of Qatar, State of Kuwait, the Great Arab Libyan People’s Socialist Jamahiriya and the Kingdom of Morocco. The other members of the Bank jointly select the remaining two non-permanent members of the Board in accordance with their voting power in the Board of Governors; for this term the remaining two members are the Republic of Tunisia and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Membership in the Board of Directors is for a four-year renewable term. The Board of Directors elects a Chairman, from amongst its members, for a two-year renewable term. The Board meets every four months or whenever the activities of the Bank may so require.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

H.E. Eng. Yousef Ibrahim Al- BASSAM
H.E.Eng.Yousef Ibrahim Al-Bassam
Vice President & Managing Director,
The Saudi Fund for Development
Chairman BADEA's Board of Directors
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Chairman Statements
C.V. of the Chairman
Chairman Interviews

Members of the Board of Directors

S.E Mr.Alsuwaidi
H.E.Mr.Musabeh Mohamed S. Alsuwaidi
The Assistant Under Secretary, Ministry of Finance
United Arab Emirates
H.E.Mrs.Lamia Ben Mim
Chief of Cabinet of Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation
Republic of Tunisia
H.E. Mr.Butabba
H.E. Mr.Miloud Butabba
The Secretary General
People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
H.E.Dr.Huda Hadi Salman
Assistant Director General / Resposible for Banks
Republic of Iraq
H.E.Dr.Abdul Aziz Mohammed Al-Hanai
Director General Oman Development Bank
Sultanate of Oman
H.E. Mr.Ahmed Saleh Al-Mohannadi
Ministry of Business & Trade
State of Qatar
H.E.Mr. Marwan A. Al-Ghanem
Director of Operations Department The Kuwait Fund for Economic Development
State of Kuwait
H.E. Mr.Al Kanoni
H.E.Mr.Musa Munsor Al Kanoni
Director Financial Institutions Department
State of Libya
H.E.Mme Mona
H.E Mme Mona Wahba
Ministry of International Cooperation
Arab Republic of Egypt
H.E.Mr.Elhassan Eddez
Deputy of the Director of Treasury and Extremal Finance
Kingdom of Morocco