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Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA)

Third Program for Young Professionals (YPP)


The Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) invites applications for admission to the Young Professionals Program (YPP). This Program is the main entry-level path and starting point for a long professional career and grow within BADEA.


This program is designed for emerging, distinguished and highly qualified young people with strong academic backgrounds, to effectively contribute to BADEA’s mission and objectives as well as meeting the bank’s need for unique talent by recruiting and developing future leaders.


Duration of the YP Program

The YP Program extends for 36 months. This period is divided into five training periods: Four 6-month periods spent in various departments of the bank, and a final 12-month period to be spent in the particular department, division, or office where the young professional is expected to be permanently employed – subject to satisfactory completion of all program requirements, courses and trainings.


Conditions for admission to the Program

BADEA promotes diversity in gender, nationalities and disciplines. The bank is looking for qualified young people from diverse professional, academic, and cultural backgrounds to be enrolled in the YP Program. Thus, applicants who demonstrate a passion for work development, graduate education, relevant professional experience, and the potential to grow into impactful leadership roles across our institution are highly considered for the Program.


Applicants are also required to meet the following conditions:

(1)     A Master’s degree or Engineering Diploma (Diplôme d'Ingénieur - 5 years) from a prestigious and recognized university is considered for application where the minimum acceptable average grade obtained in Bachelor’s degree or Master's degree is as follows:

a.    The American system: B+ or 3.5 out of 4.

b.    The Arabic system: “Very good”

c.    The English system: Honors degree Class II, Upper division

d.    French system: “Good”


(2)     Fellowships and Memberships to recognized international associations (CFA/CPA/CMA/ACCA/FCCA) are also considered in satisfying the eligibility requirements of the program.

(3)     Holders of degrees equivalent to a Master’s degree or Engineer’s Diploma (5 years) from accredited universities whose system does not provide ‘grades’ or ‘rank’ their diplomas will be considered for the program on a case-by-case basis (such as certificates issued by the Canadian system or Engineer Diploma by the French system).

(4)     The required disciplines are: Business Administration, Banking, Finance, Financial Analysis, Accounting, Economics, Financial Management, Treasury, Investment, Risk Management, Information Technology, Audit, Law, Statistics, Monitoring & Evaluation, Digital Strategy, Human Resources Management, Micro-Finance, Financial Inclusion, Civil Engineering (Construction and building), Water and Sanitation Engineering, Agriculture (Agricultural value chains) and Agricultural Engineering.

(5)     Candidates should not be more than 30 years old when joining BADEA at the beginning of the program.

(6)     Fluency is required in at least two of the languages used in BADEA, namely: Arabic, English and French.

(7)     Candidates must be nationals from either BADEA’s shareholder States, or one of the African states (beneficiaries of BADEA’s services).


Training, mentoring and development


During the first week of the program, each YP is assigned a mentor who provides advice on various topics relating to the field and helps the YP with expectations and challenges of the program, including technical questions and challenges.

(1)     The following are the key elements of the YP Program:

a.     Guidance and supervision

b.     On-the-job training

c.     In-house training

d.     Self-development

e.     External training

f.      Short term placement (tour of duty) in sister institutions

(2)     Young professionals are required to participate actively and successfully complete all the components and activities of the Program.

(3)     At the beginning of the program, Young Professionals will be enrolled in various induction sessions for one to two months on BADEA’s activities. These sessions are supervised by Directors, Heads of Divisions and Experts from BADEA and abroad.

(4)     Each YP will be engaged in a series of intensive internal and external training programs, learning the fundamentals of leadership and development operations within different departments of BADEA. Each completed training period is supported by a personal development report that the young professional prepares personally.

(5)     Each YP is given a supervisor in their assigned department/office/unit who allocates tasks to be performed by the YP and follows-up as well as conducting the performance evaluation at the end of the enrolment/rotation period.


Rewards and benefits

Successful candidates who are selected for the YP Program will enjoy a range of attractive rewards and a competitive benefits package as  defined by the bank’s regulations.


Selection of candidates

1. Applications for admission to the Young Professionals Program are subject to intensive evaluation and a thorough examination.

2. Various methods of evaluation and testing will be employed, including personal interviews, written tests, behavioral simulations, and psychological surveys.

3. Successful candidates who are selected for the program shall join the bank/start the Program within a maximum period of six months from the date of their acceptance of the offer.




Absorption at the bank after completion of the program

Recruitment of young professionals to future posts in BADEA after having successfully completed the Program will be subject to the Bank's needs and vacant posts. The following factors are also considered:

  1. Entry-level professional qualifications and experience
  2. Performance of the Young Professional in the activities and various programs during the YPP duration.
  3. The YP’s desire to go on the Program and stay with the bank.


Submission of applications

-       Application form for the YP Program  is available on  https://forms.office.com/r/BX5RUqfD2e . Any candidate is invited to fill in and submit it minutely. To consider his/her candidacy , the candidate is invited also to send an email to: ypp@badea.org, containing the full name, a personal photo, CV, letter of interest, university degree, master’s degree and any other relevant documents.

-             The closing date for  submission  of  applications is 31 December 2021.